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about us

After years of building and leading project management, business analysis, and agile teams for fast-growing software development firms and marketing agencies, Leila Blauner found that really taking the time to create the optimal teams – including finding/vetting the right people, thoroughly onboarding new hires, etc. took up a large portion of her days. As a result, she would regularly spend nights and weekends on the strategic planning and day to day work that was also so critical to business. 

Leila needed a company that would really deeply get to know her business, company culture, team, clients, processes, etc. AND had the kind of proven managerial experience that she had, so that she could offload vetting candidates, onboarding, and other critical needs to someone she could trust. After experiencing difficulty finding one company that could provide all of these services, she dedicated her energy towards forming a team of people who had been there, had similar experiences, and as a result were in a position to very effectively assist other businesses with these challenges. This team formed Scalability Solutions® and is now helping growing organizations expand in an efficient way. 

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