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Candidate Vetting:  OUR PROCESS

After we get to know you and your company and create the strategic plan, we can either train you to complete execution or we can execute all of the below for you. Our vetting process typically follows these steps, but can be customized to client needs:

- Application review (resume, assessment of online screening questions, etc.)

- Phone screen to build excitement about the position, and gauge whether candidate will love the job

- Customized in-depth interview to determine whether the candidate is a solid fit for the company culture, management style, processes, and team

- Custom-designed skills assessment to ensure candidate will be fully set up for success and will have a passion for the role, including one or more of the following:  1) Creation and facilitation of an experience that mimics everything they would experience on the job  2) Completion of the types of tasks they would actually perform on the job  3) Responses to case studies of typical situations they might encounter on the job

- Written assessment of candidates' personality, skill set, working style, strengths/opportunities, and fit within the company

- Coordination of next steps throughout the interview / hiring process

- Optional standardized assessment to select between the top two or three candidates

- Collection of references using a standardized, unbiased approach

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