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Onboarding services are billed on a flat project fee basis and typically include:

- Fully customized curriculum design, including exercises relevant to the position, such as mock projects (taking it through all the way from the beginning to end), mock meetings, client/customer interactions role playing, etc. 

- 20-30 hour highly interactive onboarding workshop during employees' first week on the job

- Complete documentation on all aspects of the training (processes, systems, etc.) that employees can reference after the workshop is complete

- Ongoing one-on-one coaching as needed, as candidates begin to apply what they've learned to real world situations

- Full assessment of candidate strengths to leverage and opportunities for growth, as well as coaching for managers to support their employees' ongoing improvement based on their performance during training

- If applicable/desired, consultation on creating a scalable training program, and "training the trainers" instead of the new hires

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