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We offer three plans:

Standard Model:  We design the custom vetting strategy and then fully execute all aspects of it. The final result is presentation of 2-5 candidates who have already been fully vetted via highly customized interviews and skills assessments, and who are perfect fits. We charge a flat fee with payments tied to specific milestones, and cost is dependent on candidate seniority level and the complexity of filling the position. This usually takes us 50-150 hours, depending on the role and company. 

Candidate Vetting Model:  We design the custom vetting strategy, and our clients HR team / recruiters generate and screen the candidate pool and send us their favorite potential future team members. We then vet just the candidates that our clients pass on to us with highly customized interviews and skills assessments. The final deliverable is a comprehensive assessments of each person and a recommendation for who may be the best fit and why. Pricing is based on a flat fee for program design plus a per candidate cost for vetting and assessments.  

Train the Hiring Manager Model: We design an effective and efficient means for generating a pool of top quality candidates (if our client doesn't already have one), as well as the custom vetting strategy (including interview and skills assessment design). We then teach our clients to execute the strategy themselves, so that they can confidently identify candidates who will be the perfect fit in every way on their own. This work is charged on a flat project fee basis.

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