Partnering with our clients to build happy, fulfilled, and empowered teams

services:  RETENTION

Building an extraordinary and scalable team goes well beyond hiring the right people and onboarding them. They need to be happy, fulfilled, empowered and supported for success and ongoing development. We can help increase employee retention (decreasing your costs for replacement hires) via the following services:

- Individual coaching from certified business coaches for new hires, team members, as well as their managers 

- Structured online or offline learning programs on topics such as leadership, removing barriers to success, emotional intelligence, communication, gaining buy-in, problem solving (aka solution finding), productivity, relationships, conflict resolution, and time management

- Managerial consulting on:  Building incredible and innovative company cultures that attract and retain the best talent;  making processes more scalable to support company growth;  organizational change management (and keeping morale high in the process);  team communications and managerial practices

- Assessments for individuals, teams, or companies of strengths to leverage and opportunities for growth, using a combination of a discovery process and an online assessment

- Team building workshops to promote innovation, employee satisfaction, communication, or other organizational goals

- Strategies for scaling down operations when needed

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